Woolly Hats

1.Choose the colours of wool you would like for your hat, it will take approximately 36 pieces that are each 20cm in length per hat.

2. Loop over one of the wool pieces and thread the loop through the inside of the cardboard ring. Thread the 2 ends through the loop of wool so that they go around the cardboard and pull tight.

3. Continue to do this with all of the wool pieces you have cut, in the pattern or colour order you would like, all the way around the cardboard ring until it is full and there are no more spaces.

4. Push all of the loose ends back through the inside of the cardboard ring and gently pull them out the other side. This will create the fold of the hat.

5. Using a crumpled piece of paper or tissue make a ball to push into the cardboard ring so that it holds its shape as a “head”. Tie another piece of wool around the lengths of wool from the ring, forming the hat and the ‘pompom’ on top.

6. Trim down the pompom to your preference.

7. Tie the string around the pompom of the hat and make a loop by tying a knot.

8. Hang on your Christmas Tree and enjoy!