What are the benefits of a Sensory Bin?

Sensory Bins

What is a Sensory Bin?
A sensory bin is a tactile experience in a contained area; such as a storage container, bucket, tray etc. Sensory bins are awesome hands-on tools for children to learn about their world and their senses!
The options for what goes into a sensory bin are endless and can be themed according to: lesson plans, what the child/ren particularly enjoy and their favourite things, something new you would like to introduce or by the sense you would most like to be stimulating.

What can a Sensory Bin offer my child?
– Practical Life Skills 
Sensory bins let a child explore, discover and create play using practical life skills (dumping, filling, scooping) and learn valuable play skills.

– Play Skills & emotional development 
Great for both social play and independent play, sensory bins allow children to play cooperatively or side by side.

– Language Development 
Sensory bins increase language development from experiencing with their hands all there is to see and do which leads to great conversations and opportunities to model language.

– Understanding The Bodies Senses
Many sensory play bins include a few of the senses! Touch, sight, sounds, taste and smell are our bodies senses. Children can experience several at a time with a sensory bin.

– FUN! 
And most importantly, because they are fun! It’s a really fun and hands on way to learning, you can take your sensory bins outdoors and enjoy the weather or work on them inside when it’s cold out. Learning while having fun is the best way to learn!



Busy Bean offers 3 different size sensory bins – you pick the theme! We will get in touch with you once you have ordered to discuss your needs specifically and tailor make your sensory bin to suit those.

If you are looking for a specific size or items we will happily customise and quote you before you order.

We work on the following sizes:

Small (+-5L container)

Medium (+-13L Container)

Large (+- 26L Container)

We will get in touch with anyone who orders to discuss the options available and customise the sensory bin to suit your family or school.

For more information or to place your order online you can click here.