Santa Gift Tags

1. Follow the template and trace the shapes on to the colour paper and card and then cut them out. This kit makes 4 gift tags, so you will need 4 of each shape cut out.

2. Take one long black strip and the red circle and glue the black strip around the circle like a belt.

3. On the front section of the card, glue on the yellow block so that it is in the centre of the belt to make a buckle. Glue the small black square into the middle of the yellow square.

4. Take the short black strip and bend it over so that the ends are touching and glue them together, making a loop. Glue the loop on to the back of the gift tag at the top, so that the loop sticks over the edge.

5. Thread the string through the loop and tie a knot.

6. Glue on the sequins for buttons above the belt, allow to dry.

7. Cut out the gift tag template (To: From:) and glue it on to the back of the gift tag.
8. Write your message and attach to your gift.