All slime leaves my hands in a perfect form. Weather temperature, hand temperature, how clean and moisturised your hands are and how fast or slow you play with slime, affects how it may or may not stick to your hands.All slime softens up and even melts naturally over time. This may be due to warm storage or having it for long and not playing with it. Simply Re-activate with Borax based activator.

Handee Works Slime is non-toxic, but not edible.

1. Wash hands every time before slime play, moisturise your hands and listen to your parent’s rules for slime play.

2. Mix on activator with activating powder and water.
Simply follow the instructions on the leaflet in the packet.

You may use your already made Borax activator.

Slime Play

It’s best to play on a clean flat surface area, sitting down

Stretch, poke, press, swirl, make bubble pops and crunches on a flat surface area.

Too sticky?

Add 2 drops of activator, knead for a minute. Repeat if needed. Do not over-activate, you will ruin your slime.

Too hard or dry?

For non-clear slimes: Flatten your slime and add a teaspoon of lotion (any lotion besides Nivea) roll, swirl, stretch and mix in.

Don’t get caught up in the bad cycle of adding lotions and then activator and lotion and so on.

For clear slimes, add baby oil instead of lotion to keep it clear.

You may put very hard slimes into the microwave for 10 seconds and then add lotion or baby oil as instructed above.

Clear slimes are stickier than any other slimes.

Choose the appropriate playing level with Handee Works slimes. We recommend butter slimes for beginners and 

Borax Buddy (exclusive to Handee Works) for beginners who loves clear slime.

Slushie slime and Plastic Snow slime is very sticky. This is only recommended for Advanced players.


To put your slime back into your container, otherwise it will dry out.

Enjoy and clean up.

Take good care of your slime. It can last up to a year and more!

General Activator Information

Handee Works slimes are made with Borax as the activator, so contact lense solution will not work well.

Activator is used for: Activating glue to make slime. Re-activating melted slime. Reducing stickiness of sticky slime.

Activating glue to make slime

Add one tablespoon of activator at a time with 1 minute stirring intervals. Book a Handee Works workshop to master this craft.

Re-activating melted slime

Add one teaspoon  of activator at a time with 1 minute poking and kneading intervals

Reducing stickiness of sticky slimes

Add activator drop by drop with 30 seconds poking and stretching intervals

Too much activator will ruin your slime.

Slimes do soften up naturally over time (a week) when left without playing.