Elf Door

1.Cut one of the craft sticks in half using your scissors, you might need to ask a grown up to help for this step. These pieces will be the braces for the door.

2. Plan out which pattern of colours you would like your Elf door to be, do you like stripes? Half and half? Maybe one colour on the ends and a different one in the middle? Anything you like.

3. Lay one of the braces flat on a table and glue the other 5 sticks on it close together to make the door. You can put them all in a straight line or stagger them to look like a curve, or even do one up and one down to make it interesting – anything you want! Glue the long sticks on so that the brace is stuck at about 1 third of the length. Leave to dry.

4. Glue the other brace on, add the button as a door handle and decorate with your sequins.

5. Place your Elf door against a wall, on a shelf, under the Christmas tree – or anywhere you like! This magical door will let the Elves in to help Santa on Christmas Eve!