Candy Cane and Wreath

1.Cut out the template shapes and trace them on to the foam, this kit will make 1 Candy Cane and 1 Wreath.

2. Cut out your foam shapes and cut a small hole in the top of each one, thread your string through and tie a knot.

3. Spread some glue on to the foam shape and stick on the pompoms. We used red and white for the Candy Cane and Green for the Wreath but you can mix and match any colours that you like. Push each pompom down firmly and fill the entire shape.

4. Allow to dry for 5-10min, you can place a heavy book on top while you are waiting. This will help the pompoms to stay in place and stick more firmly.

5. Make a bow out of your ribbon and glue it on to the top of the Wreath. Allow to dry 6. Hang up your brand new decorations and enjoy!