Santa Gift Tags

1. Follow the template and trace the shapes on to the colour paper and card and then cut them out. This kit makes 4 gift tags, so you will need 4 of each shape cut out.

2. Take one long black strip and the red circle and glue the black strip around the circle like a belt.

3. On the front section of the card, glue on the yellow block so that it is in the centre of the belt to make a buckle. Glue the small black square into the middle of the yellow square.

4. Take the short black strip and bend it over so that the ends are touching and glue them together, making a loop. Glue the loop on to the back of the gift tag at the top, so that the loop sticks over the edge.

5. Thread the string through the loop and tie a knot.

6. Glue on the sequins for buttons above the belt, allow to dry.

7. Cut out the gift tag template (To: From:) and glue it on to the back of the gift tag.
8. Write your message and attach to your gift.


1.Cut out the template shapes and trace them on to the paper for the hat and felt for the scarf. Cut out each shape.

2. Make the elf hat by gluing the edges of the template together to form a cone. The Medium bead is the elf head for size reference. Leave your cone to dry.

3. Fold the red pipe cleaner in half and thread the large bead and medium sized bead over the folded point.

4. Cut the top of the Elf hat cone off, just enough that the folded point of the pipe cleaners will fit through and thread it on top of the beads. Leave approximately 2cm sticking out of the top of the hat, twist the pipe cleaner and open it to make a loop. Take the shorter pipe cleaner and place it between the two beads, twisting it around the pipe cleaner in the middle – to make arms.

5. Thread 4 of the red/green beads on to each leg and 3 on to each arm. Bend the extra pipe cleaner back over and twist to make hands and feet.

6. Cut the loop of pipe cleaner at the top of the hat and thread the bell on to become the top of the hat. Twist the pipe cleaner closed again to make a loop.

7. Thread your string through the loop so that you can hang up your Elf decoration.

8. Cut the ends of the felt scarf to make tassels if you like and knot it around your elf’s neck.

9. Draw on a mouth and glue on the googly eyes.

10. Allow to dry and then hang up your brand new Elf decoration!

Candy Cane and Wreath

1.Cut out the template shapes and trace them on to the foam, this kit will make 1 Candy Cane and 1 Wreath.

2. Cut out your foam shapes and cut a small hole in the top of each one, thread your string through and tie a knot.

3. Spread some glue on to the foam shape and stick on the pompoms. We used red and white for the Candy Cane and Green for the Wreath but you can mix and match any colours that you like. Push each pompom down firmly and fill the entire shape.

4. Allow to dry for 5-10min, you can place a heavy book on top while you are waiting. This will help the pompoms to stay in place and stick more firmly.

5. Make a bow out of your ribbon and glue it on to the top of the Wreath. Allow to dry 6. Hang up your brand new decorations and enjoy!

Elf Door

1.Cut one of the craft sticks in half using your scissors, you might need to ask a grown up to help for this step. These pieces will be the braces for the door.

2. Plan out which pattern of colours you would like your Elf door to be, do you like stripes? Half and half? Maybe one colour on the ends and a different one in the middle? Anything you like.

3. Lay one of the braces flat on a table and glue the other 5 sticks on it close together to make the door. You can put them all in a straight line or stagger them to look like a curve, or even do one up and one down to make it interesting – anything you want! Glue the long sticks on so that the brace is stuck at about 1 third of the length. Leave to dry.

4. Glue the other brace on, add the button as a door handle and decorate with your sequins.

5. Place your Elf door against a wall, on a shelf, under the Christmas tree – or anywhere you like! This magical door will let the Elves in to help Santa on Christmas Eve!

Woolly Hats

1.Choose the colours of wool you would like for your hat, it will take approximately 36 pieces that are each 20cm in length per hat.

2. Loop over one of the wool pieces and thread the loop through the inside of the cardboard ring. Thread the 2 ends through the loop of wool so that they go around the cardboard and pull tight.

3. Continue to do this with all of the wool pieces you have cut, in the pattern or colour order you would like, all the way around the cardboard ring until it is full and there are no more spaces.

4. Push all of the loose ends back through the inside of the cardboard ring and gently pull them out the other side. This will create the fold of the hat.

5. Using a crumpled piece of paper or tissue make a ball to push into the cardboard ring so that it holds its shape as a “head”. Tie another piece of wool around the lengths of wool from the ring, forming the hat and the ‘pompom’ on top.

6. Trim down the pompom to your preference.

7. Tie the string around the pompom of the hat and make a loop by tying a knot.

8. Hang on your Christmas Tree and enjoy!