Our Story

Busy Bean Kids craft and activities was born out of a need for something to do to keep our very own little Busy Beans busy!

We struggled to find anything crafty and also practical for their ages and what we did find involved having to buy huge quantities of pipe cleaners and craft sticks when we only needed 1 or 2 pipe cleaners and the rest would end up being stored away for “later” and eventually chucked away.

Everything you need to complete your crafts can now be found in one simple, easy to carry and pack away, bucket. No extra mess, no fuss, no need to spend ages preparing and then discovering you are missing a key part. Just good fun!

Our kits and bags are designed for all age ranges and skill levels! Loads of fun for everyone with stunning crafts to enjoy.

If you don’t see something that you love, get in touch with us and we’ll custom make you a bucket or activity bag!